The quality mark that shows your energy contributes to a just and inclusive energy market.

The SDGproof® quality mark for energy.

For a just and inclusive energy transition.

Energy producers, companies and partners that join the SDGproof® quality mark take additional steps to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and create prosperity around the world.


Energy Producers

The financial and political sector are increasingly demanding sustainable and responsible products. SDGproof® is a relatively straightforward way to help you meet these demands.


Consumers and customers are demanding change. Organisations who make a conscious effort to contribute to the SDGs, have the future. Become CO2 neutral or even CO2 negative.


You care about the planet and society, as much as we do. Find out what you can do, as an individual consumer, to contribute to the SDGs and the SDGproof® quality mark. Want to do more?


Supporters endorse the objectives of SDGproof® and support its activities. They actively promote SDGproof® and its objectives within their own network. Want to become a supporter?

What is the SDGproof® quality mark?

The SDGproof® quality mark shows the local community benefits from the production of green energy and/or green hydrogen. This means that the energy produced contributes to the welfare and wellbeing of local people in a way that is in line with the SDGs.

Our mission

A new economy requires a new framework to ensure a just and inclusive transition towards achieving the SDGs. By creating SDGproof® energy and hydrogen and sharing the benefits, we can fight poverty, give local residents access to renewable energy and regreen our planet.

SDGproof® is part of the Sustainable Hydrogen Club foundation. Learn more about our mission on our website:

SDGproof® supports the Sustainable Development Goals


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Do you know the SDGs?

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