About us

The SDGproof® quality mark is part of the Sustainable Hydrogen Club (SHC). The SHC is a foundation that started in September 2021.

Our president, Nienke Homan, is regional minister at the province of Groningen in the Northern Netherlands. Her main focus is on energy transition, green hydrogen and climate adaptation. Specialised in national/ international energy systems, including hydrogen as a missing link.


In May 2021, during her contacts with different people from the UN, Nienke addresses the fact that there hasn’t been made any agreements about the local population when it comes to producing hydrogen in developing countries. The idea of starting funds from the benefit of large scale solar/wind farms to let also the local residents benefit, is born. Her idea was well received and she was advised to write and submit a compact to the United Nations.

Compacts can only be submitted by a legal entity, so she wanted to establish a foundation, which could address this issue, raise awareness and submit a compact. She asked the Commissioner of the King for permission to establish a foundation, next to her work as regional minister and she got approval.

At 17 September 2021 the Sustainable Hydrogen Club was established. And the compact was submitted. 

The compact was included in The Green Hydrogen Catalogue and on 21 September, the SHC foundation was invited to come to New York. Due to the travel restrictions they were not able to come in person, but Nienke and Machteld (secretary of SHC) made a short video, which was presented.

Shortly after this, the foundation realizes that there is even less time to waste and began to work on a quality mark.