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You care about the planet and society. Find out what you as an individual consumer can do to contribute to the SDG’s. Want to do more?

The Value of SDGproof® for Consumers

We all want to contribute to reach the SDG’s. As a consumer that buys products, you can choose to buy products that are made using SDGproof® energy instead of ‘regular’ energy.

By choosing the SDGproof® labelled products, you support fair and just production of green hydrogen. You know that your product has directly supported the local residents that live nearby production centre and a part of the profit has been used to support important SDG-projects in developing countries.

So you can as an individual also contribute to the SDG’s!

Want to do more?

Working together for a sustainable world, with equal opportunities and welfare for everyone. But making the world more sustainable doesn’t happen by itself. We need you for that!

The SDGproof® quality mark is part of the Sustainable Hydrogen Club foundation.

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