This is SDGproof®

The SDGproof® quality mark shows that energy companies contribute to the well-being of the communities surrounding their production sites in developing countries, thereby contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

A new economy requires a new framework to guarantee a just and inclusive transition to reach the SDGs and create welfare all over the world. By creating SDGproof® energy & hydrogen and sharing the benefits, we can fight poverty, give local residents access to renewable energy and regreen our planet.

How does it work?

The most cost competitive green hydrogen will be produced in countries and areas with a low demand. The green energy will be transported to countries and areas with a high demand and a low production. This will leave the production countries and areas behind with nothing more than production facilities. The local residents do not benefit from this new green energy & hydrogen economy.

Green energy & hydrogen can become SDGproof® by sharing a percentage of the profits with the local residents in developing countries.

The SDGproof quality mark makes sure local residents profit too.

• Energy producers pay a percentage of their energy sales.

• Local residents, that live in the vicinity of solar farms, wind farms and hydrogen plants get a percentage of the profit. For as long as the power installations are there.

•A part of the profit is spent on SDG-projects. Like providing people with local power grids, energy kits and clean cooking-gear. The money can even be used for actions against – desertification and regreening the land.

Quality mark

Energy producers: Only producers that meet the SDGproof® standards, get the SDGproof® quality mark.

Industry: If a product is 100% made with the use of SDGproof® energy, a quality mark can be gained.

Financial sector: If a financial entity invests in the production of green energy/green hydrogen that will meet the SDGproof® standards, it can use the SDGproof® quality mark.

Whether or not quality mark owners follow the SDGproof® standards, is checked by an independent entity.

SDGs that are most important spearheads of SDGproof®.